Monday, July 17, 2017

New Independent report ranks NHS as best of 11 countries

An Independent report has ranked Britain's NHS as the best health service of those in eleven leading countries.

This is of course down to the hard work and dedication of Britain's doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives and all the other people who work in our NHS.


Jim said...


I have anaphylaxis, but i still dont know exactly what the trigger is. Anyway, I was going to meet a friend later on in carlisle so I decided to take a train, We were due to meet up in the Toby carvary, have our tea, then maybe go out for a pint or two. I had reserved a room in the Lakeland Gate Premier inn for the night to come home on the train on Sunday.

So i got off train, and decided to get some lunch in Subway, went to bank and started walking towards the Lakeland Gate down Warwick Road. I never made it, I remember thinking "I know its a long road, but this road is getting longer and longer, and it was never this long" I sat down to rest a while on someones wall, and I took an antihistamine tablet (Note at this point i should have took the Epipen)

Anyway I stood back up after a couple of minutes and walked on, dont think i got more than 30 yards and just collapsed on the Pavement. Lucky for me some kind person called me an ambulance and waited with me till they flagged it down, then the doctors and nurses in carlisle A&E brought me right. then i spent a night on the ward upstairs.

So yes our doctors, paramedics and nurses do a fantasic job, and yes I am eternally grateful to them, and of course the Kind person who called me an ambulance. Does that mean that the NHS is the best system of health care? well, no my opinion there has not changed much.

Chris Whiteside said...

There is no perfect system and the NHS is not one. But what it does deliver is because of the hard work of doctors, nurses and NHS staff and we ought to celebrate them.