Friday, July 21, 2017

Those who shout loudest are not always right ...

John Stuart Mill was one of the wisest human beings who ever lived, and I believe that even though I do not share all his opinions. Here is one which I very much do share.

I was reminded of that opinion this week when reading an article from Andrew Lillico on the Reactions site,

"Those who shout loudest often aren't in the majority."

The article might be subtitled "(but often think they are, and that this gives them the right to shout down opposing views.)"

I agree with Mill that we don't have the right to shut down opposing views even when we are in the majority, and I would still take that view even on the rare occasions when we have objective proof that we are right.

When people think they are in the majority but actually aren't, the error is often caused precisely because opposing views have been shouted down.

The article mostly gives examples of people who are broadly on the left shouting down what are seen as right-wing views but it can happen in either direction. And should be avoided.

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