Sunday, July 09, 2017

Lake District awarded World Heritage Status

Great news for Cumbria today as the Lake District was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

The decision means that the Lake District has joined the likes of the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu by being awarded this status.
The national park was one of 33 sites around the world to be discussed by the Unesco committee in Krakow, Poland.

The committee praised the area's beauty, farming and the inspiration it had provided to artists and writers.

The Lake District is the second part of Cumbria to be put on the Unesco World Heritage List, the other being Hadrian's Wall.

The committee suggested the impact of tourism be monitored and requested improvements in conservation efforts.
Lord Clark of Windermere, chairman of the Lake District National Park Partnership which put together the bid, described the decision as "momentous".


Anonymous said...

Another paper exercise, clearly no one looked at how out of control the Lake District is.

Chris Whiteside said...

I presume this is a critique of the LDNP organisation.

But regardless of what you think of that body, international recognition of the Lake District as a heritage site is good news for Cumbria.

Anonymous said...

So you haven't looked down Ennerdale.
What benefit has Maryport seen since it was designated, None.

Chris Whiteside said...

Of course I have looked down Ennerdale.

The designation only took place a few days ago so there has not yet been time to benefit Maryport or anywhere else.

However, if it is used properly on advertising material, there is a good chance that the designation can be utilised to provide a lift to tourism in the county which will benefit the area as a whole.

Anonymous said...

So you can do what you want in Ennerdale, destroying the environment as you go.

Maryport is part of the Haidrians Wall designation so plenty of time to benefit.

Chris Whiteside said...

I have not stated anywhere in these posts that "You can do what you want in Ennerdale" and I don't take that view.

Like all organisations staffed by mortal human beings the LDNPA is imperfect and occasionally makes mistakes.

I presume you are suggesting that they have allowed something you don't like in Ennerdale and without knowing the details of what you are referring to I cannot comment on that, but the Lake District National Park Authority is not generally known for lax planning - certainly not for taking a more relaxed view than Copeland BC which would be the planning authority in the Ennerdale Bridge area if the LDNPA did not exist.

It was not originally clear from your original post that your comment referred to the Hadrian's Wall/Frontiers of the Roman Empire designation made some years ago rather than the Lake District designation made in the past week.

Yes, there is a Roman site in Maryport which is part of the Hadrian's Wall UNESCO world heritage designation.

I don't know off the top of my head whether any of the grant funding money which came to Cumbria specifically because of that World Heritage Designation was spent on the Maryport site - though there certainly was money spent in Cumbria because of it.

I do know that this designation certainly brought more tourists to Cumbria and I would be surprised if not one of those people came to Maryport and spent money in the Maryport area.

Anonymous said...

What's going on at Ennerdale water at present? does it have any planning permission? why are laws being broken an no action taken? Of course we're in Cumbria.

Chris Whiteside said...

If you have seen something happen in the vicinity of Ennerdale Water which you think contravenes planning law or otherwise should not be happening, then leaving very vague anonymous posts on my blog is an extremely poor way of trying to do anything about it.

The term "Ennerdale" could have referred to a number of places over a large area - you could have meant anywhere in Ennerdale Valley, the Ennerdale ward of CBC or the Ennerdale & Kinniside civil parish, none of which are exactly tiny.

I initially thought your first post mentioning the are was asking if I had ever seen the view of the fells over the Ennerdale Valley (I have, and it's gorgeous) and then that your second might be suggesting someone was doing something they shouldn't in the village of Ennerdale Bridge.

OK, so we have now established that you are concerned about Ennerdale Water.

This is a substantial lake - two and a half miles long, up to a mile wide - and if you think someone is breaking planning law in that vicinity you need to be a great deal more specific about what exactly the problem is and where precisely it is if you want to draw attention to an issue which has been missed.

Have you raised your concerns with the Lake District National Park Authority who are the relevant planning authority for the area? What did they say?

Chris Whiteside said...

I don't think any constructive progress on this issue can be made in exchanging posts here, particularly when one side of the conversation is anonymous.

If you want me to raise the issue in the council chamber or ask colleagues to do so at CBC level, please email me on or write to me at the address below, or phone me on the numbers available in the Telephone Directory or on the County Council website.

I will not accept any futher anonymous posts on this thread.