Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fire safety evidence

Latest Fire Safety tests on cladding samples from buildings around the country carried out by the  Building Research Establishment BRE) in Bricket Wood continue to show a 100% failure rate.

The evidence is even stronger that, as I wrote a few days ago, this is far worse than a failure by one council or landlord or even one part of the political spectrum, this is a widespread and serious systemic failure of fire safety regulation which imposes a duty on those in all political parties and none to work together to improve safety.

At the time of writing samples of cladding from 190 tower blocks in 51 local authority areas have failed fire safety tests.

These included both private and council-owned residential properties.

Samples of cladding from three NHS hospitals have also failed the tests.

King’s College hospital NHS foundation trust in south London announced on Monday that cladding at one of its buildings was being taken down following tests.

A spokeswoman for NHS Improvement said: “Patient safety is paramount. There will be no disruptions to patient services or continuity of care.”

All NHS trusts and foundation trusts have been asked to carry out urgent fire safety checks following the Grenfell Tower fire.

NHS Improvement said it had identified 38 NHS Trusts requiring extra support to carry out urgent fire safety checks. All 38 of these “priority one” trusts have started putting on 24-hour fire warden patrols, it said.

NHS Improvement added that 30 of these trusts did not need further action at this stage. A further five were still awaiting combustibility test results. However, three have failed the tests and are removing cladding.

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