Monday, July 05, 2021

A telephone conversation today - one way to deal with fraudsters

 My home phone rang.

The caller said

"Good afternoon, this is John from the Technical department of BT Openreach, calling about your broadband connection."

Me: "OK John, would you be kind enough to give me your nine-digit EIN please, so I can verify you're who you say you are?"

As it happens I am at home on leave today, but it would not have taken very long to fire up my Openreach computer and verify the number if it had been a genuine call.

Since "John" instantly hung up I think we can be pretty certain he wasn't who he said he was. 


Jim said...

At least John has learned that British Telecom hasn't existed for good few years

Chris Whiteside said...


You're quite right, Jim, such fraudsters often claim to be calling from "British Telecom" which is a trade name that British Telecommunications PLC dropped when we rebranded to "BT" THIRTY YEARS ago in April this year.