Tuesday, July 06, 2021

The Borders Bill

Today the government introduced the landmark Borders Bill into Parliament, delivering on the manifesto promise to tackle illegal immigration by cracking down on people smugglers and making it harder for those who enter the UK illegally to stay.

  • For too long, the broken asylum system has lined the pockets of the vile criminal gangs who cheat the system. This is not fair to the vulnerable people who need protection or the British public who pay for it.
  • That is why today the government introduced a new Nationality and Borders Bill into Parliament, which will increase the punishment for people smugglers, make it a criminal offence to knowingly enter the UK without permission, and make it easier to swiftly remove those who enter the UK illegally. 
  • The Bill will create a fair but firm system that will send a clear message to those thinking about making the dangerous and illegal journey to the UK – while cracking down on criminal gangs that exploit vulnerable migrants.

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