Thursday, July 08, 2021

Vaccination update

Interim findings from one of the UK’s largest studies into Covid-19 infections in England have shown that Covid-19 infection rates are three times lower for double vaccinated people – showing that it is vital to get a life-saving second jab so we can get back to our everyday lives. 

  • Vaccines are our route out of the pandemic – we already know that vaccinated people are less likely to get Covid-19 symptoms, and much, much less likely be admitted to hospital or die from COVID-19, and there is growing evidence that vaccinated people are less likely to pass the virus on to others.
  • In another step forwards, interim findings from the latest report of REACT-1, one of the country’s largest studies into Covid-19 infections in England, have shown that infection rates for double vaccinated under-65s are three times lower than in unvaccinated under-65s, meaning that our vaccine rollout is having a significant impact on stopping the spread of the virus.
  • It is vital that everyone gets their second life-saving jab so we can continue to weaken the link between cases, hospital admissions, and deaths, and build a wall of defence against the virus and return to our everyday lives.
  • Vaccination does not confer total immunity so a certain degree of caution is still necessary.
  • Here are the latest figures for vaccination:

1 comment:

Jim said...

Again its constant contradictions. This is why there is so little trust, there is a "vaccine passport" for travel abroad and you are either double jabbed or you are not. So the vacinne works or it doesnt.

I am not generally an anti vax nut, but the constant contradions over this are unbeivable.
the message being sent out is "Get vaccinated other wise a parson who did get vaccinated might get sick from the virus they were vaccinated against because you are not vaccinated"

Thats not how any other full vaccine works, it may be the case with a flu jab, but that means that the jabs are annual and the double jab thing is totally irrelevent.

its the constant contradictions and pointless rules that make absolutely no sense at all, fill up wimbledon, fill up wembly but only allow a tiny proportion to attend a rugby league match. Differing numbers for funerals and christenings and weddings in the same building. Endless numbers of people being told to isolate even after testing negative and being vaccinated.

Its no wonder trust isnt there.