Another big freeze

Watch out for ice and snow if you are out and about in many parts of Cumbria or Northern England today.

There is a thick blanket of frost on the ground today in Whitehaven and I note that in many areas of Cumbria such as Keswick, the temperature is not forecast to rise above approximately zero degrees centigrade - e.g. freezing point - during the course of today.


Very rare weather conditions this lunch time in Whitehaven - and I'm talking two or three times in a lifetime rare - with the combination of bright sunshine and significant amounts of snow.

The only previous time I can recall seeing such a thing was about thirty-six years ago while I was taking a history O-level paper and could see out of the window as bright subshine illuminated snow being blown around Verulamium Park and the Orchard at St Albans School.


Jim said…
One that i will never forget happened when I was going to work in the Falklands (worked at transmitters 12 miles from MPA main base.)

Driving on Stanley Road, in bright (amd I mean bright) sunshine, in heavy (and I mean heavy) snow, that even though you are doing 40-50 MPH is actually moving AWAY from your wind screen.

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