The world didn't end in February either

On 21st December, the last day of the Mayan "Long Count" calendar which certain silly people somehow interpreted as a prediction for the end of the world, I was gently taking the mick out of them, and an anonymous person posted

 "You wont be laughing on 15th February 2013 when the world really does end."

I asked how much he would bet me that it wouldn't but got no reply. Pity, I could have used the money.

I wonder when the next ludicrous prediction of the end of the world is going to be?


Anonymous said…
At least something did happen on 15th February 2013, something no one saw coming and if it had been a little bit bigger, well who knows.

Jim said…
I cant give you a prediction on the end of the world I am afraid. Sadly my crystal ball just is not working.

However I don't need it to predict the end of the World Reserve Currency, the USD. Would say before the end of 2014.

It may get another reprieve like it did last time, with the Euro going first, but somehow I doubt that will work twice.

just wondered what odds you were offering on that one?
Jim said…
ps. its a real shame you never took on my bet that some idiot would predict a new end of the world date, you declined the invitation then it happened in the very same thread.

Much like yourself, I could have used the money too. :o)
Chris Whiteside said…
Yes Jim, but I didn't take the bet because I knew you would be proved right! :-)

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