Whatever next

Thanks to Jim for pointing out that the Guardian actually published an article on Friday called

"Is the weather worse under the coalition government?"

which gives the figures to show that the weather in Britain has been colder since David C ameron has been Prime Minister than under his predecessors.

I am fairly sure that making this connection was supposed to be a joke - the journalist who wrote the piece more or less confirmed this in one of the comments. Actually the funniest thing about the article is the comments, which ranged from those along the lines of

"Why not - we blame them for everything else!" through

"Victory for David Cameron in fight against global warming,"

to "Slow news day, then ?"

You can judge for yourself here.


Jim said…
Its good isn't it, I found it hilarious. Perhaps they should have held off for a few days and printed it next Monday. - April fools day.
Jim said…
I do remember another one, cant remember where it was though, or exactly what it said, though it was the day the Conservatives went into coalition with the Lib Dems and some where there was a report that said something on the lines of "Latest reports say the cold day in hell continues, with some early reports indicating some areas of hell have actually frozen over."
Chris Whiteside said…
Yes, if comments on the Guardian article had not been closed I would have made exactly that suggestion, that the article would have been better published on 1st April.

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