Quote of the day

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always rely on the support of Paul."

(George Bernard Shaw)


Jim said…
that is one of my favourite quotes too,

Thing is when it becomes a government who robs Peter to pay Paul, Frau, Mohommad, Joli, Mark and Rita. then Peter is going to get pretty sick and leave this island,

Peter gets a little sick, so rebelles but then he is called a Yuppie, or a rich man living off the benefit of the poor, or at worst they say he is a capitalist.

A capitalist totally sums up who I am. I really do belive in true free market capitalism, it is the answer, we dont have it and the US do not either, we have crony capitalism and that is as bad as the failed socilism idea.

With little or even better no regulation, than that is the path to full employment, ok it may be a low wage to srart, but thats it, you work up the ladder.

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