Worst advice of the decade

From Journalist Isabel Oakeshott to Vicky Pryce

Tues 8 March 2012

"It's likely there is a minor risk of you being prosecuted but we think in practise" (sic) "it is highly unlikely, especially if we handle it right … "

From another 2012 email during the same exchange of correspondence ...

"My own view is that you would come out of it fine."

Isabel Oakeshott on the Daily Politics TV programme, 10 March 2013

(After Vicky Pryce was indeed prosecuted and found guilty)
“We didn’t know the risks because we are not criminal lawyers."

“It’s not my job and nor is it the job of the Sunday Times to provide expert criminal advice to a source of a story."

It's generally a good idea to be very careful what one says to journalists ...


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