Quote of the Day: on Chris Huhne

“Huhne’s greatest offence was not having his hands on the wheel but putting his foot on the brake of shale gas.”

Rt. Hon. Peter Lilley MP, writing in the Conservative Way Forward magazine


Jim said…
I think he was just a very foolish man indeed.

Lets face it the £60 fine is hardly a dent in the salery of a cabinet minister, and 3 points, I mean. OK he may have had a mention in the papers, but no one would really have batted an eyelid. I would be surprised if anyone even remembered after a week or so.
Jim said…
I do think that Huhne deserves every second of his sentence, but not for that which he is serving it.
He should be banged up for planting thousands of wind turbines around the country, paying people a fortune (of tax payers cash) to do so, while the country is headed for a severe power shortage.

His cell mate should be Gordon Brown, across the way Blair could share his cell with Ed Balls.

Perhaps Blunket and Smith should be on community service.

There is the law thats needed, never mind gagging the press so expence claims are not reported. We need a law by which we can prosecute politicians for severe maladministration.

Currently, after totally ******* our economy, pensions and giving away our gold. Brown enjoys a full MP salary (whilst hardly ever attending Westminster) and will retire to a full pension and a life of comfort. Now thats a real perversion of the course of justice.

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