Budget Day quote of the day

"Why are Conservative chancellors so often unpopular? Because they often have to clear up the mess left behind by Labour chancellors."

(Anonymous Tory Grandee)


Jim said…
again will highlight a problem with the current system, imagine a door to door questionnaire:

Do you think the current government are good? - No not really
Do you think they have a good economic policy? - No, far from it
Do You think the current government serves you well - No, i really do not
Do the current government tackle important issues correctly? - Are you kidding me

Do you think the red party would be better? - What, oh my, ha, ha, ha, ha, my thats a good one, thought you were being serious for a moment
I was - well no, not at all, not even a little bit

There you go see, seems a very poor reason to vote doesn't it. Never voting for who is best, only who is least worst, especially with regard to the hold they then have, not only over me, but over even my unborn children.

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