Britain's national cyber strategy

The government has announced a new National Cyber Strategy - investing a record £2.6 billion into UK science and technology and securing our position as a leading cyber power. 

  • Cyber security is fundamental to our future national security and to strengthening our defences – our integrated review, published earlier this year, set out how we are building on our cyber capabilities
  • That is why the government is we are investing a record £2.6 billion into cyber as part of Britain's national cyber strategy, which will set out how we are solidifying our position as a global cyber power. This investment includes £114 million for the National Cyber Security Programme and a new National Cyber Force based in Lancashire. 
  • This will help us to advance our nation in cyber space and protect UK interests in a rapidly evolving online world.  
  • It will also help protect all of us from having our assets stolen or our health damaged by the actions of cyber criminals. In Cumbria the organisations which have been affected  by cyber attack include the NHS and Copeland Council - and we all know from the deluge of emails and calls we get from fraudsters that we are all under constant attack from cyber crooks looking to steal our money. Putting in place  better electronic security makes us all less likely to find our savings or other assets have been stolen.


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