Call for volunteers

The Chief executive of the NHS and the Prime Minister have jointly issued a call for volunteers to come forward and join our mission to get as many jabs in arms this winter – as we urge all adults to get boosted now. 

  • Reaching our ambition of offering every eligible adult a booster jab before the new year is a national mission and we will need volunteers to help us achieve something on this scale. 
  • That is why the Prime Minister and the NHS Chief Executive, Amanda Pritchard, joined forces to issue a rallying cry for volunteers to come forward and support our booster campaign, working alongside our GPs, doctors and nurses to deliver these crucial booster jabs.  
  • Vaccines remain our best defence against the virus which is why everyone is immensely grateful to our volunteer services and brilliant NHS who are leading our national mission – please, volunteer where you can and help us turbocharge our national mission this winter. 


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