The Twelve Parodies of Christmas number 11: Star Trek and Star Wars parodies

One thing that Star Trek and Star Wars fans have in common - and there are more than either will want to admit - is that both have spent a vast amount of effort assembling parody songs.

My list of the top twelve parodies was always going to end up including at least one or two Star Trek or Star Wars parodies or both, as several - particularly some of the professional ones - score very highly against the five criteria I set. 

A more difficult question was whether to include one of the very large number of Christmas parodies made by fans for either franchise. Some of the ideas are very funny but the execution - which often involves stitching together literally hundreds of clips from the shows or films - may have been very time consuming but does not always perfectly come off.

On the Star Trek side there have been multiple versions of "All I want for Christmas" such as this one (to which the answer was "Tea, Earl Grey, hot!") or of the Christmas song "Let it snow" with the words "Make it so" substituted for the refrain.

On the Star Wars side some of the parodies which have been produced include a parody of "Santa Claus is coming to Town" called "The Emperor is coming to town" - another is "I'm dreaming of a new Death Star." 

The Christmas song "Mary, did you know?" has inspired at least three Star Wars parodies including "Padme, did you know?" and "Vader, did you know?" and a third we will come to in a moment.

Having decided that I was indeed going to feature one of the christmas parodies I had some trouble deciding which one to pick.

After some thought I decided it had to be between the latest Star Trek version of "The twelve days of Christmas - and there have been a lot of these, some such as this one which are quite good - and the parody inspired by the Mandalorian Disney Plus series, "Mando, did you know" which if you have watched the first two seasons of "The Mandalorian" is laugh-out-loud funny.

Eventually I decided that because most of the humour in "Mando did you know?" would go right past even Star Wars fans who had not seen that particular show, I would have to come down in favour ot the last Star Trek version of the 12 days of Christmas which is this one

"Mando, did you know?" deserves, however, a "Runner up" honourable mention for this slot on the list.


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