What are your favourite musical parodies?

I will be running a series of posts on my blog over the twelve days of the Christmas season - from Christmas day to 12th Night - about the twelve best musical parodies.

My criteria for these parodies are

    1) Impossible to hear the original without thinking of the parody (special points if performers                     responsible for the original have said they found the words of the parody running through their             mind during live performances of the original)

    2) The parody should be particularly funny

    3) A clever adaptation - the parody should sound as similar as possible or retain as many words as             possible while completely changing the meaning

    4) Timeless - likely or known to be still funny decades later

    5) Topical - as an alternative to criteria 4) above, particularly appropriate to late 2021 or early 2022.

If anyone would like to nominate a musical parody for my list which you think scores highly on one or more of the above criteria, put something in the comments or drop me an email or IM before 23rd December 2021.



Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Chris Whiteside said…
Hmm. Well, I did ask. Any other nominations?

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