Keeping Women and Girls safe

This week the government announced new measures to keep women and girls safe and to support domestic abuse victims, taking account of the thousands of submissions to last year's call for evidence and thereby putting victims’ voices at the heart of government action.

  • We must make our homes, streets and communities safer for women and girls, which is one of the objectives of the Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Bill.
  • That is why the victims of domestic abuse will be given longer to report the offence to the police – so abusers do not evade justice. And a new offence will be put on the statute book to stop people filming or taking photos of mothers breast feeding without their consent – because no new mum should be harassed in this way.
  • The Conservative government is committed to doing everything we can to protect women, make them feel safer, and give them greater confidence in the justice system.


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