Arthur Lamb RIP

I am devastated by the news that my friend and colleague, County Councillor Arthur Lamb died unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep yesterday morning.

He was thirty-one years old.

(Picture from Whitehaven News from CCC election count 2017)

Arthur William Creighton Lamb was Chairman of Copeland Conservatives at the time of the Copeland by-election, in which the Conservatives achieved the first governing party by-election gain on a directly comparable basis since Worcester in 1878. He was still chairman when the Conservatives held the seat in the 2017 general election. That year he was also elected County Councillor for the Cleator Moor East and Frizington division of Cumbria County Council and at the time of his death was Chief Whip of the Conservative group on the county council. He was also Deputy Chairman of Cumbria Conservatives.

Arthur was a perfect example of what is meant by the expression "An old head on young shoulders." He was exceptionally shrewd and had a real knack for understanding what was going on in difficult or confusing situations. He also had a very good and very dry sense of humour.

He worked extremely hard to represent the interests of the people of Cleator Moor and Frizington, and indeed Copeland and Cumbria as a whole. Among his achievements was leading the successful campaign to retain a full-size fire tender at Frizington fire station.

Outside politics Arthur had a passion for cricket, serving as an umpire in local leagues and a prominent member of Whitehaven Cricket club and the night before he died he was at a training event at St Bees, working to develop the cricket skills of local young people which he said was a particularly good session.

(Picture above of Arthur Lamb provided to ITN by Whitehaven Cricket Club)

Arthur worked for the local NHS in Cumbria and had just been promoted to a new, challenging and important role which he was greatly looking forward to doing.

I was on a Teams call with Arthur on Thursday evening, less than 48 hours before his death, at which he was on great form and seemed perfectly OK. I am having huge difficulty processing the fact that I will never see him again in this life. Arthur had a huge amount of promise and I am gutted to see such a talented young man with a bright future so suddenly cut down. 

My thoughts and prayers are for Arthur and his parents. He will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace


Chris Whiteside said…
As I have made clear again and again, I follow a clear rule on obituary posts.

When I publish a "Rest in Peace" post about someone who has just died it I will not accept comments critical of the deceased.

That is because there is a non-trivial possibility that their friends and family might search the internet looking for tributes to the loved one they have lost and find such a post instead.

Now will I accept speculation about the deceased based on a complete lack of evidence or knowledge.

It is very sad that some people seem to be unable to understand this basic courtesy towards people going through one of the most difficult and painful times in their lives.

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