Building more homes on Brownfield Land

This week the government announced that councils across England will be able to bid for a share of £60 million from the Brownfield Land Release Fund 2, delivering homes for families across the country and growing the economy.

  • "Brownfield land" is land which has previously been developed - so it would not include parks and open spaces or prime agricultural land. From the environmental point of view, putting homes on brownfield site often replaces an eyesore with a more attractive development, and it doesn't deprive a town or city of its "green lungs." 
  • On the negative side for a developer such sites can be a little more expensive to develop but there is a plus for the developer too - such sites or often close to jobs and facilities and often have good communication links - so homes built on them can fetch a good price and be easy to sell because they are where people want to live. 
  • It is important that we build homes in the right places. We must prioritise brownfield land to deliver new homes and also stimulate growth, one of the Prime Minister’s five priorities. 
  • That is why this £60 million fund was opened this week, and will deliver 5,800 new homes by March 2027 and create around 18,000 new jobs. The full Brownfield Fund will deliver 17,600 new homes and 56,000 new jobs over the next four years.
  • We are turning neglected areas into thriving new communities as part of our mission to level up the country and deliver new homes for young people and families. 


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