Tanks a lot

As mentioned in the previous post, I met PM Rishi Sunak last week and one of the things we discussed was the question of the UK sending Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine. The PM gave me a very positive reply on this, and it has now been confirmed that Britain will indeed be sending 14 Challenger II Main Battle Tanks, with logistic support, enough to equip a squadron in the Ukrainian army. 

Britain will also be sending more mobile artillery: about 30 AS90s 155mm self-propelled guns.

The nations of the free world should do much more to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons to defend itself, this should not be the end but it is at least a start. 

I know that a number of other European nations including Poland and France are in favour of sending more heavy tanks such as Leopard IIs and I hope that Britain's decision to send Challengers will help encourage Germany both to agree to let Poland and other allies send their own Leopards and to send some themselves.


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