Rishi Sunak meets Conservative senior volunteers

Last week the Prime Minister made time to meet the "Senior Volunteers" of the Conservative party - the National Convention officers and the regional chairman.

He gave us a brief address and then made time to come and speak to all of us individually.

I already had a high opinion of Rishi Sunak, but I thought he was on great form. I have been around long enough to have seen every Conservative leader since Margaret Thatcher working a room, (I was a student when I saw Maggie doing it.) You don't get to be leader of a major political party unless you are good at it, I think in terms of ability to listen and be seen to listen, to Rishi was up there with the very best.

I asked him about sending Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine and the need for further increases in the number of Medical School places to train more doctors (both of which I strongly support.) He gave very positive responses to both questions and, of course, it has since been announced that Britain will indeed be sending Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine. (See next post.)



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