Dealing with criminals in uniform

David Carrick's crimes were a disaster for his victims, for the police service in general, and for the thousands of honest, decent men and women in the police service who would never dream of abusing their positions the way he did.

So yesterday, the government strengthened requirements for police vetting and launched reviews of all police officers and vetting standards, keeping people safe by rooting out misogynistic and predatory behaviour in the police.

  • David Carrick’s sickening crimes are a stain on the police and he should never have been allowed to remain as an officer for so long – vetting and standards must be strengthened so this can never happen again.
  • That is why yesterday, the Home Secretary asked the College of Policing to make the legal requirements for police vetting stricter and clearer, alongside reviews by every police force of their officers and staff to root out anyone unfit to serve that may have slipped through the net – as well as bringing forward the second part of the Angiolini Inquiry which will look into systemic problems with policing and vetting standards.
  • The government will take every step necessary to root out misogynistic, violent and predatory behaviour within the police’s ranks and restore public confidence in the police.


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