"Clear, hold and build" - a strategy to crack down on the gangs

Today the government announced a crackdown against organised criminal gangs, stepping up our action against illegal drugs and violent crime to keep the British people safe.

  • Organised criminal gangs that are perpetrating violent crimes and bringing drugs into the UK are blighting communities across the country and ruining lives.
  • That is why, following a successful trial in West Yorkshire, the government has announced a new strategy to fight organised crime - ‘clear, hold and build’ - for all police forces in England and Wales. 
  • This will see police ruthlessly pursue gang members to clear an area; hold the location so another gang cannot take over; and ultimately build the community into a more prosperous area.
  • This new approach is a key part of our work to deliver on the Prime Minister’s pledge to tackle anti-social behavior as we crack down on violent criminals and bring them to justice, keeping the British people safe.


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