Investing £150 million in local bus services

We are starting our Network North plan by investing £150 million of savings from HS2 to improve bus services across the North and Midlands, with the £2 bus fare cap also extended across the country from next week.

  • Taking the bus is the most popular form of public transport, which is why our ‘Get Around for £2’ scheme is in place, making bus fares cheaper for the millions of people that rely on them. Bus fares in areas where Conservatives are in charge have fallen, meanwhile fares continue to rise where Labour and the SNP are in power.
  • Savings from HS2 are ensuring that, from next week, bus fares are continuing to be capped at £2 all the way to 31 December 2024, saving bus passengers money. Our Network North plan will see £1 billion of investment in bus services across the North and Midlands – the first £150 million of which we announced yesterday. 
  • This funding is only possible due to the long-term decision we have taken to redirect every penny of savings from HS2 in transport projects across the country – benefitting more people in more places, more quickly.


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