Rishi's first year

Today marks a year since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister and a year of long-term decisions under a  Prime Minister who is committed to changing our country for the better and providing a brighter future for every hardworking family.  

  • When Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister, he had to deliver the immediate relief people needed and provide families with peace of mind. So, we supported people with the cost of living – paying half their energy bills and reducing inflation, cut NHS waiting lists, and reduced small boat crossings by a fifth. 
  • But for the last thirty years, there has been too much short-term political decision making, taking the easy way out rather than fixing the underlying problems. The Prime Minister is determined to change that. 
  • That is why he has taken a series of long-term decisions over the last year to deliver the change this country needs – including tackling the costs of Net Zero, securing the Windsor Framework, reinvesting HS2 funding in local transport projects, and implementing the NHS’s first ever long-term workforce plan. 
  • There is more to do, but this Government will keep taking the long-term action needed so we can change our country for the better and ensure a brighter future for every hardworking family. 


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