The way forward on AI, continued

This week the Prime Minister made a speech on how we have a global responsibility to understand and address the risks surrounding AI, in order to realise all its benefits and opportunities for future generations.

  • Artificial intelligence has the power to transform our society for the better, bringing new opportunities for economic growth and to advance human capability, but it also brings new dangers and new fears.
  • That is why the Prime Minister announced the creation of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute, and is hosting the world’s first ever Global AI Safety Summit next week where we will be pushing for the first ever international agreement about the nature of the risks posed by the most advanced AI. We are also investing a further £100 million to accelerate the use of AI on the most transformational breakthroughs in treatments for previously incurable diseases, ensuring that we all benefit from the opportunities that AI presents.
  • We are making sure that everyone can benefit from the huge economic and social opportunities that AI brings, while giving the British people peace of mind by developing the most advanced protections for AI of any country in the world, taking the long-term decisions to do what is right and necessary to keep us safe. 


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