Friday, November 06, 2015

PCC calls on Home Office to set up panel to review police funding

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes has called on the Home Office to appoint an independent panel to review the proposed new funding formula for policing.

In a statement, Mr Rhodes said details from the Home Office today confirmed that one of the sets of data used to make the calculations was wrong .

And he has urged that the process to consider the funding formula to be delayed so the impact of the error can be properly assessed.

Mr Rhodes said: "Based on the information that we have received today our understanding at this time is that it is indicated under the Police Funding Formula consultation that we may lose an additional £5.8m, bringing our total loss under the funding formula to £15.3m.

Mr Rhodes added: “The provision of accurate percentages to allow PCCs and chief constables to assess the potential impact of proposals on individual forces is a critical part of the process.

"We would therefore urge the Home Office to appoint an independent panel to review the funding formula and consultation process."

I entirely agree with that, as the other 13,500 Cumbrian residents who signed the petition on the police funding formula undoubtedly do.

It takes courage to admit that something has gone wrong, take it back and review it, but I believe Theresa May is a brave and intelligent person and I hope and believe she will take the time to review what has been proposed, get the facts right, and try to come up with a better and fairer system.

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