Thursday, November 05, 2015

Scottish Labour can't spell the word "Generation" ...

Labour's car crash week continues.

This week the Scottish Labour party had to pull a PPB from Youtube within minutes of launching it when someone noticed that 1 minutes 27 seconds into  this clip the word "GENERTAION" appears in very large letters.

Hat tip to Guido for pointing it out at

It seems just unbelievable that less than six months ago (the election was actually six months ago on Saturday) people seriously thought that Labour might be elected to run the country.

It's a wonder the planet hasn't developed an eccentricity in its' orbit from Keir Hardie and the founders of the Labour party spinning in their graves ...


Jim said...

Spelling and typos are not exactly my strong point either, but most people can turn a blind eye to that. I know you can Chris, and I thank you for that.

But if you are planning to run a country you would think you would have something like that sorted out to be honest. Anyone can make a spelly or a typo, but come on, peer check it first.

Jim said...

Mind you, I am not exactly surprised that Scottish Labour can not spell, the Labour party, no matter where, have consistently shown they can not count either.

what ever happened to Education, Education and Education?