Monday, November 02, 2015

You couldn't make it up ...

The shadow foreign office spokeswoman Catherine West has told a meeting of the "Stop the War" campaign that Labour will consult them if there is a proposal for UK air strikes in Syria.

So they now want to outsource British foreign policy to the "Stop the War" campaign?

I have never supported the Labour party but I once respected them as a formidable adversary.

Now they are becoming a bad joke.

This puts a tremendous responsibility on the Conservatives not to respond to Labour idiocy by getting complacent.

A government with a majority of six in the House of Commons based on less than 40% of the vote, and no majority in the Lords, is all that stands between Britain and the fate of being run by an opposition party which, if it were a person, would by now have been detained under section II of the Mental Health Act as a danger to itself and others.

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