Tuesday, August 09, 2016

A round up of the best recent humorous posts

The writers of spoof websites have had a problem trying to keep up with reality in the past month -there have been quite a few "spoof" posts, which, as with this one which I linked to on the previous post on this blog, turned out not to be a parody of how some people are behaving, but a statement of fact.

However, they have been making up lost ground

According to News Thump,

Donald Trump plans to add the Ferengi rules of Acquisition to the US Constitution, which may not mean much to non-Trekkies but will have viewers of Deep Space Nine falling about laughing. Make sure you read down to the last line.

This Daily Mash account of a Northerner who terrorised London by saying hello was another example of a "spoof" article which was all too accurate, as the first couple of sentences sounded entirely similar to my late mother's account of the way some residents of South East England responded to her initial attempts to be friendly after moving there from Lancashire.

("Do I know you?" was the response of one embarrassed Hertfordshire matron when addressed by a lady she didn't recognise.). Then I read the article and changed my mind.

The Evening Harold has an article about Bill Clinton's denial that he phoned Melania Trump;

They say

"While the rumour Bill phoned Melania is not based on any evidence and seems entirely made up, the denials by the Clintons and Trumps are making everyone deeply suspicious."

“If Bill didn’t phone Melania, that means Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump have all told the truth at the same time. That seems, well, unlikely” said local internet pundit Alan Atkins.

"As a responsible newspaper, it’s not for the Evening Harold to comment on whether the rumour is true or false other than to point out that truth is the first casualty of war, well after all the people killed, that is."

News thump also report that "Most people on internet comments threads fail the Turing test, news which comes as a great relief to scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence,  as

"AI is really tricky to get right but Artificial Stupidity is a very great deal easier."

They add that US psychiatric hospitals are filling up with people who say they are time travellers who came back to stop Donald Trump, and that Countdown has apologised after the letters round accidentally summoned Cthulhu ...

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