Sunday, August 21, 2016

Congratulations to Mo Farah (again), Nicola Adams, Liam Heath and all the Team GB competitors

It is now mathematically impossible for China, with one athlete still in play on the final day (and with Britain guaranteed another Gold or Silver)  to overhaul Team GB in the medal table - Britain will therefore finish second in the overall medal table for the first time ever. Here is the table as at this morning (the numbers at right are for Gold, Silver, Bronze, and total medals.)

Congratulations to Mo Farrah on his second gold medal, to Nicola Adams for her gold in the flyweight boxing, and to Liam Heath for his gold in the sprint kayak event.

The Today programme had a bit of fun yesterday here on how this is going down in China - with, it is only fair to add, the official Chinese response being magnanimous and sportsmanlike.

Britain has also now surpassed the number of medals won in London 2012 - a most extraordinary achievement for the immediate past hosting nation.

Congratulations to all the Team GB athletes on their incredible performance. And it isn't quite over yet ...

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