Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quote of the day 17th August 2016

From an article in The Times, supposedly in the voice of Owen Smith ...

"I decide to give Jeremy a call.

You must realise,” I tell him, “you can’t win an election.”

Except for this election,” says Jeremy, quite smugly.

I sigh. Then I tell him he should at least fight fair. He’s having these rallies, all around the country. Far more than me. So, he should let me speak at them. To broaden the debate.

Only a complete idiot,” says Jeremy, “would sacrifice an in-built electoral advantage just to broaden the debate.”

But Jeremy!” I protest, “That’s precisely what the PLP did last time with you!”

Exactly,” says Jeremy.

Fair point,” I concede."

(Hugo Rifkin, My week: Owen Smith in The Times this week)

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