Friday, August 26, 2016

The Irony meter is off the scale ...

Back in April the then UKIP leader Nigel Farage criticised Barak Obama's "meddling" in the British vote on EU membership and added that Americans would "go berserk" if a British PM were to interfere in a US presidential election. Here is a clip from the interview which includes that quote.

So who turned up on the stage, and made a speech, at a Donald Trump rally this week?

You guessed it. And it gets more bizarre.

Farage actually repeated his attack on Obama's "interference" in the Brexit vote, criticising Barack Obama for publicly backing the Remain campaign during the EU referendum campaign, before adding: "So I could not possibly tell you how you should vote in this election."

This was said at a Donald Trump rally!

And was followed by "I will say this, if I was an American citizen, I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me."

It rather reminded my of the late Sir Ian Richardson's line from House of Cards,

"You might very well think that, I couldn't possibly comment" as code for "YES."

The irony meter really is off the scale.


Cindy Dy said...

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Chris Whiteside said...

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Shea Kang said...

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