Monday, August 08, 2016

Congratulations to Adam Peaty on Team GB's first Gold of the Rio olympics

The first British gold medal of the Rio Games has been won by swimmer Adam Peaty’s with a magnificent time, breaking the world record AGAIN in the 100m breaststroke

This is the first time for 28 years has a British male has won an Olympic swimming gold, a long watery drought if ever there was one.

And it was far from an ordinary win. Peaty did not so much see off the assembled field in the aquatics centre as leave them far behind. This is arguably an even more remarkable win than the past glories of any of the individual Gold medal wins by Adrian Moorhouse, Duncan Goodhew and David Wilkie because Peaty's final time of 57.13 is so much quicker than anything he or anyone else had achieved prior to 2015, when he became the first person to swim 100 metres breaststroke in under 58 seconds.

To those who do not follow sport, knocking the world record time down by a second may not sound like a big deal. But after decades of competitive sport in which the limits of what humans can achieve has been pushed further and further, getting the time down by this much is actually a very big deal indeed.

Congratulations to Adam Peaty and all those who have supported his magnificent effort.

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