Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Quote of the day 9th August 2016

"At the core of Corbynism is denialism. Not denial. That would be just a refusal to accept a fact or set of facts. Denialism is the more methodical and strategic altering of anything inconvenient about the reality which surrounds us. A refusal to see anything, unless through a particular prism."

"I believed, genuinely believed, that us “proper” progressives were better than the others – both to the right in our party and to the right of our party. That Corbyn would genuinely be open, build bridges, find consensus, rather than become authoritarian the moment he tasted a little bit of power and go on an enemy purge. What a fool I was."

"Jeremy Corbyn is not very good. Actually, he is quite hopeless."

" The catalogue of incompetence" ... "would be comical, if it weren't so damn tragic."

" The need is for moderate, inclusive politics, right now; for evidence-led policy; for rational, cool debate. Corbyn offers the opposite. The kind of fanaticism he has stirred, the atmosphere of a personality cult, combined with anger and disregard for facts and expert evidence, put him on the same continuum as Ukip, Brexit, Trump and much of the darkness which plagues the world."

"And now I am asked to knock on doors in six months or a year or two" ... "and tell people to put this man in charge of defence meetings and flood meetings and terrorism prevention meetings and Brexit negotiation meetings and trade deal meetings; to put his wild, foolish coterie of zealots in charge of the country.

And I'm telling you, in all good conscience, I cannot and will not. Because right now, the only thing more frightening to any rational person than Labour losing the next election, is Labour winning it with Corbyn in charge."

(Extracts from "The truth about Jeremy Corbyn" by Alex Andreou, a former supporter of Corbyn who has changed his mind.)

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