Thursday, August 11, 2016

Labour catastrophe news

Iain Martin has suggested putting all the news for each day about Labour's determined attempt to commit suicide into one place.

The idea is that despairing socialists looking for any shred of hope or Tories who want a really good laugh can go there and leave the rest of social media free to talk about something relevant to contemporary Britain, which on present form the Labour party won't be until the mid 2030's, if then.

Should you want to avail yourself of this facility, details of the collapse of the Labour party for the last three days can be found by following the links below:

Labour catastrophe bulletin 9th August

Labour catastrophe bulletin 10th August

Labour catastrophe bulletin 11th August

Examples of the news you will find on this site includes details of Labour party infighting and court cases, and opinion polls suggesting such a big disaster for the Labour party that even the pollsters (who have tended to overstate Labour support and understate the Conservatives) have probably got it right.

For the third week in succession, surveys of "Preferred Prime Minister have the Labour party leaders Jeremy Corbyn not just well behind Theresa May, but more than ten percentage points behind "Don't know."

Amount voters aged over 55, who as we all know are the most likely to vote, May leads Corbyn by 62% to 10%.
Labour and UKIP are doing their best to destroy themselves - let's not to copy their example.

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