Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Boris Johnson pinches his new Special Advisor from Nicola Sturgeon

In one of the more interesting turnarounds of the last past week, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has recruited as his new Special Advisor, David Frost someone who was previously advising the Scottish government about BREXIT.

Mr Frost said at the time Ms Sturgeon set up the Standing Council on Europe that it is important to "bring clarity to the transition to Brexit as soon as possible" and that the UK government should work to "ensure the current open trading environment is not affected."


Jim said...

In other breaking news,
today Kermit the frog decided to enlist none other than Elmo from sesame street to advise him. this is erm, well shocking because of something, Elmo said to a press conference, "its ok, Kermit will get it, but we should stay in the single market for the short term, as that is our trade advantage, its only after we leave the EU, that we should look to move from there"

Chris Whiteside said...

There is nothing particularly shocking about David Frost's taking a job with Boris or about what he said.

Keeping an open trading environment is not an unreasonable objective in the Brexit negotiations - as you say there may be different long and short term approaches to doing it.