Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The post-satire era - more true words spoken in jest?

There seem to be more and more posts on "spoof" news websites like the Boris Johnson one referred to in the previous post which have far too much truth in them.

Others have titles like "Paul Nuttall is not leadership material even for UKIP" and Battle of Hastings latest: you lost, get over it, Normans tell Anglo-Saxons" (That one finishes with a Norman saying "It's time to accept the result and shut up about it, I doubt people will still be moaning about Brexit in a thousand years" and getting the reply "Oh yes we will."),

And in amongst them is one called World enters post-satire era from News Thump which is way, way too close to the truth for comfort.

Lines from this include

"The world has entered a new era where it has become impossible to distinguish between satire and reality."

“If a merry online japester makes up something utterly outrageous and unbelievable about, say, Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin the odds are now 50/50 that it will come true within 48 hours."

“We can trace this to what we call the Corbyn/Farage event, when reality stopped being something you interact with and became something you stared at in silent, despairing disbelief wondering if it’s all some kind of horrid joke."

The piece concludes with something which actually is, so far, a joke, adding that the UN has appealed to writers of internet jokes not to run any gags about World War III.

Though one is beginning to wonder ...

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