Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quote of the day 24th October 2016

"Freed of the brake that Britain put on developments, old integrationist aims have been dusted down.  The core of an EU army has been put forward.  New proposals on Europe-wide insolvency protection measures are being proposed.  The European Commission has sanctioned Apple, and Ireland, for their tax arrangements.  Ten countries are pressing ahead with a financial transaction tax.  Less Europe has so far found no takers.

In Britain the different camps have read into this what they want to see. 

Leavers see this as proof that the EU was always going to integrate further and faster and that Remain’s lies to the contrary have been exposed. 

Remainers see this as proof that without Britain’s influence the EU will develop in a way that is harmful to Britain (and to the EU’s own interests).  Take your pick. 

Both can be true, of course."

(Alistair Meeks, article about current EU attitudes to Britain following the Brexit vote on the Political Betting site.)

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Jim said...

don't get it (again).

how do leavers see one thing and remainers see another thing?

The EU referendum is over, its finished, its done, 52% won it 48% lost it, but its over.

There are no leavers or remainers anymore, we all had a chance to vote and anyone who wanted to did. so we are all Brits again now and Britain is leaving because that's what the decision was.

The EU has been freed of the brake that Britain put on it, great, happy for them, let them do so, they walk their path we walk ours, smart.