Sunday, October 16, 2016

Whitehaven's road works hell continues

Due to road works on the A5094 at Flatt Walks opposite MacDonalds, driving into the centre of Whitehaven on that route, or getting in or out of the Flatt Walks shopping centre by car, is absolute murder for large parts of the day at the moment, including at weekends, as the A5094 is blocked by queuing traffic, backing up in both directions.

On Lowther Street traffic often backs up as far as the Library, while in the other direction Northbound traffic is often backed up as far as the Flatt Walks/Back Corkickle/Coach Road junction which can stop that junction working properly and create serious gridlock in that section of town. At rush hour the A5094 sometimes backs up as far as the junction with the A595 Loop road.

There is some knock-on effect on other routes into Whitehaven such as New Road. Depending on where in the town you are trying to get to, routes which completely avoid the A5094, particularly at Flatt Walks, seem to be less badly affected at the at the moment.

Ironically the Sunday Times front page this morning has a piece on how travelling by car in many areas is not slower than travelling by horse and carriage used to be. The authors of the article blame this on congestion, parked or stationary delivery vehicles, cycle lanes and "badly designed road works."

It gave me some ironic amusement to read this on the cover when I bought a copy at Morrisons earlier today, knowing that I was facing a long wait to get out of the car park. Had I not had rather too much shopping to carry to make this practical, it would have been quicker to visit the shop on foot (which is what I did yesterday.)

Looks like residents of Whitehaven and a number of other parts of Cumbria will have to put up with delays caused by roadworks for a while.

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