Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The "Ed Stone" comes back to bite Labour again

You'd think even the Labour party would not forget something as obvious as an eight foot block of granite when submitting their election expenses returns, but apparently not ...
Labour has been fined £20,000 by the Electoral Commission for failing to declare all of its general election expenses - including the stone tablet unveiled during the campaign, the 8 foot so-called .
"Ed Stone", carved with ex-leader Ed Miliband's key pledges.

The commission's investigation was prompted by calls from journalists asking why Labour's 2015 general election return, published in January, did not include the stone carving, which was widely mocked after being unveiled. It turned out that failing to declare  two payments totalling £7,614 relating to the tablet was not the only mistake in Labour's election expenses return. These two payments were  among £123,748 of payments missing from Labour's 2015 election return.

A further 33 receipts, worth £34,392, were missing, the commission said.

The £20,000 is the highest fine it has imposed since it was formed in 2001.


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