Sunday, October 16, 2016

DA'ESH loses control of Dabiq

Reports from Syria suggest that DA'ESH (the so called "Islamic State" caliphate) has withdrawn it's forces from the town of Dabiq shortly before it would have fallen to a Turkish-backed rebel faction in Syria, which has now liberated the town.

Because of an old prophecy based on a line in the writings of the Prophet Mohammed, to the effect that Dabiq would be the scene of a final battle between Muslim and non-Muslim in the last days of the world, DA'ESH regarded their possession of this town as very important and gave their online magazine the same name.

Realising that they could not hold Dabiq, DA'ESH recently renamed their magazine.

The fact that they were unable to spare the resources to hold Dabiq is an extremely encouraging indication that DA'ESH is losing the war. There is a long way to go before this death cult is deprived of all the territory they hold - and longer still before the ideology of extremism and murder is erased from men's hearts. But such is the nature of DA'ESH that it has to hold territory to sustain its claim to be a caliphate. The day when all of that territory is liberated from their control is getting closer.

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