Thursday, October 13, 2016

Calling the BBC - I pay for a TV licence, I live in England, and I don't read Welsh !

So why on earth is it, when I try to watch BBC iPlayer on a computer, I keep getting a pop-up menu in Welsh which blocks whatever I am trying to watch,  which I think is warning me that I need a TV license to watch BBC services.

Because the menu is in Welsh, a beautiful language which I cannot read which is spoken in  a beautiful part of our United Kingdom which is hundreds of miles by road or train from where I live,  it is extremely difficult to know how to get past this ridiculous and unnecessary notice, confirm that I have paid for a license, and get through to watch the services I have paid for.

Well you incompetent BBC bureaucratic idiots, I already pay a fortune for a TV licence to make my contribution to your grossly inflated and entirely undeserved salaries. Sort your systems out and stop this ridiculous harassment of your paying customers!

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