Sunday, October 30, 2016

UKIP in their own words

"a rabble of no-name, no-talent nobodies" ...

"These people would be out of their depth in a paddling pool, and couldn’t be more unfit to run a modern political party."

(Arron Banks, UKIP donor, on most of the candidates who stood for the UKIP party leadership in the first election this year, in a Guardian article called "UKIP is being run by circus clowns.")

"a motley collection of amateurs; leftovers from a bygone age, when UKIP was a ragtag band of volunteers on the fringes of British politics."

Watching them try to run UKIP is "like watching a team of circus clowns trying to carry out a pit stop at the Silverstone Grand Prix."

(Arron Banks was equally scathing about UKIP's National Executive Committee in the same article.)

"opportunist carpetbaggers" ...

leaders of a cabal which "would utterly destroy UKIP"

(Arron Banks wasn't too flattering about UKIP's one MP Douglas Carswell or leadership candidate Suzanne Evans either, in the same article.)

"We've taken a lot of stick in UKIP because perhaps we have had a slightly more toxic image than we should have had."

(Leadership candidate Suzanne Evans on UKIP's problems as reported here: she also said she "absolutely" thought her leadership rival Raheem Kassam would take UKIP in a far-right direction )

"UKIP needs to come together. At the moment it is looking over the edge of a political cliff and it will either step off or step back. I want to be the candidate who will tell us to come backwards."

(UKIP Leadership candidate Paul Nuttall MEP launching his campaign, source here.)

"riddled with infighting, proxy wars between rival camps and is run by an NEC that is not fit for purpose".

"UKIP is ungovernable."

Former UKIP parliamentarian Steven Woolfe MEP describing UKIP and explaining why he resigned.

"They're basically trying to put Nigel Farage's life on the line."

"Suzanne Evans is the biggest liar I have ever met in my life"

"She's a nasty, nasty human being."

(Some of the accusations Raheem Kassam made against his leadership rivals Paul Nuttall MEP and Suzanne Evans in today's Sunday Times.)

Not one of the above quotes comes from the Remain camp, the Conservatives or any of UKIP's other political opponents. Every one of them is something which has been said or written in the last few weeks about leading figures in UKIP by other leading figures in UKIP. In Steven Wolfe's case I have quoted what he said at the time of his resignation, the other people quoted and described are all still prominent members of UKIP.

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