Friday, June 02, 2017

The Party Chairman writes ...

Conservative party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin writes ...

"What a contrast tonight!
What a contrast tonight!

I just watched the two people who could become our Prime Minister in 6 days’ time make their case to the British people. And I was astonished.
When Theresa May stood on stage, we saw what real leadership looks like. We heard a clear plan for Brexit, we saw her passion for our country and we got a positive vision for our nation. 
But when Jeremy Corbyn came on, we saw just what could happen if we leave this election to chance:
  • He had no plan on Brexit
  • He was told by small business owners how his taxes would cost jobs
  • He refused to say that he would use our nuclear defences
  • And he refused to condemn the IRA
It was clear tonight that there’s only one candidate to lead our country through Brexit and beyond. 
So please – donate today and let’s make sure Theresa May is Prime Minister on 9th June:


Thank you for your support, 
Patrick McLoughlin 
Chairman of the Conservative Party

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