Friday, June 02, 2017

UPDATE - Whitehaven Parking public meeting

I was one of four Cumbria County Councillors who attended the meeting this evening in the Vine, Market Place Whitehaven to listen to concerns about the parking schemes proposed for the town.

Just to be clear, Cumbria County Council is currently consulting on eighteen sets of proposals to amend parking restrictions in many parts of Whitehaven. One of the proposals appears to directly affect the part of Mirehouse which falls within the Egremont North and St Bees Division which I represent on the County Council: others would have a more indirect effect on residents of the division.

The plans include proposals for double yellow lines, parking disc zones and more parking spaces for disabled people could be brought in.

These proposals were prepared by county council officers following concerns over parking issues in Whitehaven, which have worsened in recent years, with householders and councillors expressing concern about indiscriminate parking around the town and surrounding areas.

Eighteen areas including Whitehaven Market Place, town centre streets and roads in Hensingham, Harbour and Bransty wards are included in the proposals from Cumbria County Council officers.

A council spokesman said that the aim of these proposals is to increase the amount of parking in the town centre; improve driver visibility at junctions; and prevent obstructions on roads.
The consultation for the proposed traffic regulation orders (TROs), lasts until 16th June. A final decision will be made by Cumbria County Council's Copeland local committee.
Numerous parking problems were raised at Whitehaven Town Council’s latest monthly meeting.
Some residents at Meadow View called for specific residents’ parking to be introduced.
A county council spokesman added: “Cumbria County Council is currently consulting with the local community on a number of proposals regarding traffic restrictions in and around Whitehaven town centre.
“Several proposals, including those at Queen Street, Duke Street, West Strand and Market Place are to increase the amount of disc parking and disabled person’s parking bays in the town centre.
“Others, such as Woodstock Lane, New Road and Rutland Avenue are to prevent obstruction of the highway by installing double yellow lines.”
Details about the proposals can be sought by contacting Cumbria County Council via email at

I would strongly recommend that anyone who might be affected by proposals at any of the sites listed immediately below should get in touch with them to make your views and concerns known.
The proposals include:
Duke Street: Install a section of parking for disabled people within the existing restricted zone and also replace double yellow lines and a section of loading goods vehicles with disc parking places.
Strand Street: Install a section of double yellow lines
Market Place: Install additional disabled person’s parking and disc parking places and replace double yellow lines with a no loading/unloading restriction (a loading area will be located elsewhere).
Coach Road: Install disc parking places (residents permits exempt) and double yellow lines.
Queen Street: Disc parking places (permit holders A exempt)
West Strand: Replace a section of coaches parking only to disabled person’s places
Sneckyeat Road: Install a section of double yellow lines
Egremont Road: Install double yellow lines
Calder Avenue: To install and replace a section of double yellow lines with a single yellow line
Woodstock Lane: Replace a section of double yellow lines
Homewood Road and Rutland Avenue: Replace sections of double yellow lines
Ginns to Kells and Cart Road: Make permanent the sections of double yellow lines
Meadow Road and Whinlatter Road: Install additional no entry and one-way restrictions
Spur Road, off Catherine Street: Installing a section of double yellow lines
Meadow View: Replace a single section of single yellow lines with double yellow lines
New Road: Install a section of double yellow lines

There is a report in this week's Whitehaven News about the proposals which you can read at

Tonight's meeting was specifically about the Market Street elements of the proposals.

I didn't know that until I arrived but would still have attended to listen to what the local traders had to say, because as a member of the Copeland Local Committee I will have a vote on what happens to all these proposals and it is only right that I should be aware of the views of local residents and businesses.

The people at this evening's meeting were supportive of the need to do something to improve road safety and reduce irresponsible parking in the area but made a lot of valid points about the need for their suppliers to deliver, and their customers to collect, heavy items which neither can reasonable be expected to carry for long distances to or from their vehicles.

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