Thursday, March 08, 2018

A Brexit warning to both parties

A YouGov survey for "Red Box" which asked people in February and March how clear they found the policies of both main parties on the EU is not good news for either party.

Clearly we need to explain our position better and so does Labour.


However, at least the proportions of people who are "fairly clear" or "very clear" on where the Conservatives stand is higher and rising. For Labour that proportion is lower and falling.


Anonymous said...

Brexit: voting to 'take back' what we had never lost, in order to lose everything we had.

Chris Whiteside said...

I've never made any secret that I voted Remain. If I was sent back in time to the day I filled in my ballot paper, knowning what I know today, I would still vote remain.

But the majority of those who voted didn't take that view. And in a democracy we have to respect the majority decision. So we need to find the best way to implement the decision of the 52% which causes as few as possible of the fears of the 48% to come to pass.