Saturday, March 24, 2018

Arnaud Beltrame RIP

Lt. Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, the French Gendarme who offered himself as a replacement hostage to a Da'esh-inspired terrorist in exchange for the civilians the man was holding and and who was subsequently shot and killed, has died.

“In offering himself as a hostage to the terrorist hiding in the supermarket in Trèbes, Lieutenant-Colonel Beltrame saved the life of a civilian hostage, and showed exceptional courage and self-sacrifice,” wrote French President Emmanuel Macron.

Theresa May said,

"I am saddened to learn that Lieut Col Arnaud Beltrame, the Gendarme who took the place of a hostage in the attack at #Trèbes, has died. His sacrifice and courage will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace

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